Growing Ethereum as a brand. Doing it the Ethereum way.

We are a grassroots group of marketing, communications, and design professionals in the Ethereum community. We came together because of our shared belief that Ethereum, the leading blockchain platform, deserves thoughtful, professional, and well-coordinated marketing.

Today Ethereum can sound complicated, but so did the Internet 20 years ago. Just like the Internet, soon enough we think Ethereum will be essential to our culture and daily lives.

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Our first three projects

Deeply know our audience

The foundation of great marketing campaigns is understanding our audience, the key messages that resonate with them, and the channels where they can be reached. We will lay a strong foundation by creating detailed audience profiles, key messaging, and multi-channel strategy.

Establish a strong presence

Today at conferences and events around the world there's a deep interest in decentralized technologies. Representing Ethereum with booths, swag and friendly staff establishes a strong presence. We will Open Source a list of global events and deploy knowledgeable ambassadors.

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